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Sample Pages from Adobe Photoshop CS3 For Photographers

Here are some sample pages from the book that you can preview by clicking on the image to download as a PDF file. You can also click on the image thumbnails to download the accompanying image files. These PDFs also match the content of most of the movie demonstrations on the book's CD and are listed in the order the movies appear on the disk. Please note that these are mostly large files and some may take a while to download.

Sample 1: The New Photoshop CS3 interface

This offers a general overview of the new Photoshop and Bride CS3 interface, in which I introduce the new palette layout and screen modes as well as how to customize the Bridge window interface.
Sample 2: Camera Raw Image Processing

Camera Raw 4 in Photoshop CS3 is one of the biggest new features and offers a lot of new image adjustment controls. In this PDF I provide a step-by-step guide to working with some of the individual panels in Camera Raw and offer some tips on how to optimize your raw images.
Sample 3: Camera Raw Calibration

When Thomas Knoll compiled the profile data for all the various camera models that are supported in Camera Raw, the profiles that were created were based on the sample cameras Thomas had to work with. This PDF shows you an easy way to build custom camera calibrations for your camera.
Sample 4: Working With Image Stacks

Image Stacks can be found in the extended version of Photoshop CS3. In this PDF I explain how this particular feature can be of real interest to photographers and how you can use it to automatically remove people from a photograph. And also how to reduce camera noise.
Click on the above images to download a ZIP folder containing all the images required for use in these tutorials.
Sample 5: Photomerge And Align Image

The new align image algorithms in Photoshop CS3 offer some spectacular opportunities to stitch images together painlessly using the new Auto Photomerge command. I also demonstrate how you can use Align Image to register two or more photographs in a portrait group and create a merged composite photograph of the best looking expressions.
Click on the above images to download a ZIP folder containing all the images required for use in these tutorials.
Sample 6: Quick Selection Tool And Refine Edge

The quick selection tool in Photoshop CS3 is a new kind of magic wand tool that can make intelligent selections based on tone and color. In this PDF (and the accompanying movie) I demonstrate how to use the new tool and reveal some tips on creating quick selections. I also show how you can use the Refine Edge command to improve the effectiveness of an active layer mask.
Click on the Movie icon to run the demo movie.