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Problems with the DVD:
All technical questions regarding the DVD should be sent to Focal Press using the online form on the Technical Support page.

Alternatively, for problems with the DVD (including what to do if your DVD is broken), you can email Focal Press directly using this email address: Please ensure you give your full postal address in case you may need a replacement DVD.

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Call our Customer Services department on +44 (0) 1235 400 400 (outside of the US) or +1 (800) 634-7064 (in the US or Canada) with your credit card details. By mail or email, write to:

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Fax an order on
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To contact the author, Martin Evening, directly

I always welcome emails that are sent to me by readers and I aim to answer every one individually. However, there are times when because of pressure of work, or my being away on location, it is not always possible for me to respond straight away. So, if you do not get an immediate reply, please be patient – you will hear back from me!

If you have a technical problem that relates to Photoshhop I will always be glad to help where I can. However, if your problem is concerning the DVD, please do not email me directly, but refer to the section at the top of this page about what to do if your DVD is faulty.