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Photoshop CS2 Survey


Photoshop CS3 Survey and Feedback
1. How useful have you found the DVD in this book?
2. What specific parts of this DVD did you find worked the best (tutorials, movies etc)?
3. Are there any parts of Adobe Photoshop CS3 that weren't explained/or not explained in enough depth that you would like to see added/improved? Did you find it easy to use? Please give specific comments.
4. Were you pleased with the general look and style of the book? Did you find it easy to use? Please give specific comments.

Some more general questions we would like to ask:
5. What is your area of specialism?
6. Do you make use of the internet? If so, how much?

Every day
Every few days
Once a fortnight

Once a month

7. Take a minute to think about how the internet could help you in your professional role...what features or information would your ideal professional website contain?
8. Have you ever participated in on-line learning courses? If so, which? What was your opinion of it?
9. Would you be interested in a distance learning course on Photoshop run by Martin Evening?
10. What size screen do you have? 15" or smaller
17" or 19" or above
11. What resolution is your screen? 640 x 480
800 x 600
1024 x 768
1152 x 864 or above
12. What is the specification of the colors on your screen? 256 colors or below
Thousands of colors
Millions of colors


Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.