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Color Management

Ever since version 5.0, Photoshop has been equipped to provide users with an ICC-based color management workflow. The interface was refined so that the Photoshop Color Management Settings interface has remained unchanged since version 6.0.

Every Photoshop user cares about color management to some extent and will want the prints they produce to match what they see in the screen. The problem is that color management remains a scary topic for most people and it is all too easy to become bogged down with technical detail that goes way beyond addressing the simple desire of getting the 'colors to match'.

A large portion of my book is aimed at providing you with complete information on the subject of color management. In chapter 3, I discuss the importance of calibrating the monitor display and offer buying advice on some of the more popular monitor displays and calibration units. Chapter 12 contains 47 pages and provides a complete overview of the color management system in Photoshop (you can download this chapter in its entirety by clicking on the link below). The aim of this chapter is to provide a simplified summary of the color management process and offers practical advice on the shortest route on how to successfully configure the Photoshop Color Settings. For those who want to know about the color management process in more detail, the chapter does cover some of the finer technical details. But the overall aim is to provide a comprehensive account of what all the controls do. There should be enough information to satisfy the learning requirements of most users.

Color Management Chapter Download

The following PDF Acrobat download contains the complete text from the color management chapter in Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Photographers and it also incorporates the steps contained in Chapter 3 describing how to calibrate and profile the computer display.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 color management (1.8 MB)

Color Management Consultancy Service

Readers in the UK may wish to take advantage of Neil Barstow's Color Management consultancy service, offering custom profiling, training, implementation and seminars.

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