Sample Pages From Adobe Photoshop CS For Photographers

These are some sample pages from the book that you can preview by clicking on the image to download as a PDF file. You can also click on the image thumbnails to download the accompanying image files. These PDFs also match the content of some of the movie demonstrations on the book's CD. Please note that these are mostly large files and some may take a while to download.

Chapter 4/Movie 1: Basic Image Adjustments

Working with Levels and Curves in Photoshop.
Chapter 5/Movie 2: Adobe Photoshop CS Color Adjustments

The new image adjustment tools in Photoshop CS.
Chapter 6/Movie 3: Healing and Patching

How to use the patch tool and healing brush in Photoshop.
Chapter 7/Movie 4: Masking and Extractions

Making a basic cut-out mask and how to use the Extract Command.
Chapter 7/Movie 5: Masking Hair

How to mask fine detail such as hair, using color channel content as the basis of a mask.
Chapter 8/Movie 6: Black and White from Color

Three different ways you can convert color images to black and white.
Chapter 9/Movie 7: Layer Effects

Using layer effects to add a melted ice texture and also how to use the Transform command.
Chapter 10/Movie 8: Lens Blur Filter

An introduction to the new Lens Blur filter in Photoshop CS.
Chapter 10/Movie 9: Liquify Filter

How to create warp distortions in Photoshop, using the Liquify Filter.
Chapter 17/Movie 10: Photomerge

Merging a selection of images together to create a single, panoramic photograph.