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"Despite its title...there's a lot in here that's valuable for the general Photoshop user... the chapter [on Color Management] is far and away the best I've ever read on the subject... Digital photographers should buy [this book] even if they have to pawn their analogue SLRs to get it."
Karen Charlesworth, Macworld magazine

'Adobe Photoshop 6.0 for Photographers' has been awarded a COOL 2 Award from PEI magazine.

"The book is very production-orientated and herein lies its strength... It's reassuring to be taught by someone with many miles of real output to his name."
Tom Ang, MacUser magazine

"I wish I had bought this book before spending a fortune on other much more expensive books. This book is written in terms that are easy and interesting to follow. I would certainly recommend it." reader

"Quality - that's the one word that sums this book up. The professional advice, the beautiful images, the simple but effective design and layout... all make this book a class act all the way. A very good book indeed." reader

"The title says it all... All in all it's an excellent book that deals with its title in a clear and professional manner." reader

"Adobe Photoshop 6.0 for Photographers carries on the series that has become an invaluable guide to getting the most out of the program, particularly in a photographic workflow environment."
Professional Photographer

"Outstanding, well written, what every photographer needs.... I've been using Photoshop now for many years, in fact since S3.0 when I upgraded to PS5 I purchased Adobe Photoshop 5.0 for Photographers, couldn't put it down. Now with this edition you would have thought Martin couldn't have bettered it...but he has. This book is the 'must have' reference book for all....not just photographers." reader

"To be called the 'bible' in a given field is a high honour for any book. But this updated edition deserves the accolade, as it's the essential reference work for all digital photographers. Incorporating Photoshop 6's new features, this manual shows how your digital images can be enhanced and improved."
Computer Arts

"Martin Evening makes a splendid guide for the photographer making the change from darkroom chemicals to digital processing. A professional photographer himself, Evening knows which information is essential for a smooth transition, and what needs be left on the cutting-room floor. The book covers everything from Photoshop workspace basics to sophisticated montage techniques. The accompanying CD is packed with tutorial movies. Serious shutterbugs, this one's for you."

"... covers fresh ground and the tutorials work brilliantly. If you are looking for fresh insight you will not be disappointed." reader

The Designers Bookshelf gave Martin Evening's Adobe Photoshop 6.0 for Photographers a five star review and an Editor's Choice Award.

"Martin has changed the rules for publishing Photoshop tutorial books... this is the real thing... it has a clear, clean layout with superbly detailed content on nearly all of Photoshop's features, old and new. It's wonderfully illustrated with color images throughout, and (my favorite) includes real-life assignments from leading photography professionals - the real difference between the bulk-book authors who guess at the technique and the pros who are actually doing it."
Fred Showker, Editor/Publisher, Designers Bookshelf

"This is the book I wish I'd had five years ago when I was first learning Photoshop."
Russell Williams, Adobe Photoshop engineer.

"Adobe Photoshop 5.0 for Photographers is a great choice for any photographer who has finally been dragged, perhaps a little reluctantly (or perhaps kicking and screaming), into the brave new world of digital imaging."
David Herman

"Someone has just re-written the bible, the Photoshop bible...Whether you are an expert or a beginner, this is a book that talks your language."
Digital PhotoFX

"You are a photographer and new to digital imaging and Photoshop - this is just the book for you. A teaching CD-ROM of short walkthrough movies enhances the value of the book as a really sound instruction manual - likely to be revisited many times as experience grows."
The Photographic Journal

"A mine of useful information, aimed at not only helping photographers to produce the very best quality images, but also gives techniques for image manipulation. For anyone involved with image processing this is a must have book!"
Photo Technique

"Whether you're a newcomer to Photoshop or a more experienced user seeking some guidance, Evening's easy-to-follow book is the only guide aimed specifically at photographers."
Amateur Photographer

"Every instructor of Photoshop should have Photoshop for Photographers in their library and use it as a resource."
Photoshop student

"If you're one of those people who hates manuals - this book comes as a breath of fresh air."
British Journal of Photography

"Covers all the most useful features in understandable terms. This book will save you hundreds of hours of heartache."
Total Imaging

"This publication is a must for all photographers, independent of your level of experience with the package, as it's written by a practising professional photographer with you, the photographer, in mind."
The Association of Photographers

"Photographers, and anyone else who needs a thorough technical grounding in all aspects of digital photography will find everything they need to know within these pages."
Ken McMahon,

The 5.5 edition of this book was 5th in's 'Choices of 2000' titles in the computer graphics section!

"With the previous version never straying from the Top Ten digital imaging publications for photographers at, [this is] THE digital imaging book that photographers must have."
Digital Photography & Design