Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers : The Ultimate Workshop




As the Photoshop for Photographers series of books has been updated over the years some of the topics covered in the book have had to be removed to allow me to discuss newer features. The PDF document downloads listed below are essentially extracts taken from earlier editions, where I feel the techniques discussed may still be relevant to working in Photoshop today. Many of the screen shots are from earlier versions of Photoshop, but this shouldn't matter as the techniques discussed will still be valid when working in later versions of the program.

Digital capture
This PDF contains basic information about how scanners and digital cameras work and what to look out for when purchasing a digital camera.

22 pages

Sharpening scanned images
The Unsharp Mask filter has largely been made redundant since Camera Raw updated the sharpenign controls to provide photographer users with the means to improve the capture image sharpening. However, there are still times when it may be necessary to use the Unsharp Mask filter as part of a scanned image capture sharpenign workflow. This PDF outlines some of the sharpening routines that you might wish to apply in such situations.

20 pages

Shortcut tables
The Shortcuts tables PDF contains shortcuts tables for all the main menu items, panels and filters in Photoshop CS6, Camera Raw and Bridge. These are presented showing the keyboard shortcuts for both Mac and PC.

33 pages

Color management
Earlier editions of this book featured a Color Management chapter. Since nothing much has really changed in the way Photoshop handles the color management I have now removed this chapter from the print book. If you are at all unclear about color management and how to configure the Color Settings, I highly recommend you read this PDF.

48 pages

Output for the Web
Earlier editiong of the book also featured an Output for the Web chapter. As with the color management chapter, nothing mjuch has really changed in recent versions, so I decided to provide this content too as a separate PDF. Here you can read about outputting files as JPEGs or GIFs and how best to generally optimizr your photos for the Web.

16 pages

Vanishing Point
The Vanishing Point filter can be used to retouch photographs in persective. This PDF provides some more detailed instructions plus a couple of step-by-step guides to working with the Vanishing Point filter.

5 pages

Process 2010 image processing
This latest version of Photoshop provides the new Process 2012 image processing. In the Camera Raw chapter of the book I concentrated solely on working with the Process 2012 controls. However, Process 2003 and Process 2010 still remain as options for editing photos in Camera Raw. I have therefore included a summary of the Basic panel and localised adjustment controls for these older process versions.

24 pages

Overlay mode dodging and burning
The layer blend modes can be used as a way to usefully apply quick tonal adjustments to an image. Here I show how you can use the Ovelay blend mode as a means to dodge or burn an image using the Overlay layer blend mode applied to a dodge and burn layer.

1 page

Lightroom import workflow
Although you can use Bridge to import camera card photos and manage them in Bridge, some photographers may find Lightroom is better suited for this purpose Lightroom/Camera Raw workflow. In this PDF I show the steps that would be used to import photos into Lightroom and show an example of how Lightroom can be integrated with Photoshop.

6 pages

Building custom lens profiles
When you install Photoshop you will find that it also installs a large number of lens profiles, which can be read and used by the Lens Correction panel in Camera Raw as well as the Lens Corrections and Adaptive Wide Angle filters in Photoshop. If the lens you are using happens not to have a matching lens profile and there are none available on-line, you can follow the steps described here to create your own custom lens profiles.

2 pages

Curves color corrections
The Curves adjustment can be used to make basic and not so basic color correction adjustments. In this PDF I show how to analyze and image and use the individual curves channels to apply a precision color adjustment.

4 pages

Color Range adjustment masking
Here I show how you can use the Color Range masking options to precisely control the masking based on the color values in an image.

2 pages

Adobe Nav for tablet devices
Adobe Nav is an Adobe app you can buy for tablet devices. Once installed you can use a device such as an iPad to establish a remote connection and drive cerain aspects of Photoshop, such as a means to select favorite tools or navigate all currently open images.

5 pages

Reduce Noise filter and JPEG noise removal
Here I show how to use the Reduce Noise filter in Photoshop to remove JPEG artifacts from a heavily compressed JPEG image.

2 pages