Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers : The Ultimate Workshop



Hand tool

To navigate around an image, select the hand tool from the tools panel and drag to scroll the contents of the image. But note that holding down the Spacebar also allows you to access the hand tool at any time (except when the type tool is active of course). The hand tool also has some other hidden functions. If you double-click on the hand tool icon in the tools panel, this will make the image fit to screen. But there are also some navigation options buttons contained in the hand tool Options bar (Figure 1). So for example, you can click on ‘Actual Pixels’ to magnify the image to a 100% scaled view. You can click on the ‘Fit Screen’ button to make the document fit to screen (the same as double-clicking the hand tool), or click on ‘Print Size’, which resizes the image to approximate the size of the image when it is printed.

Remember, you can also use the Navigator panel to scroll an image. See: Navigator panel in the panels section of the help guide.

Figure 1 The hand tool Options bar.