Movie 1: Process Versions and new demosaicing

With Camera Raw 6.0 it has been necessary to introduce the concept of Process Versions. This has been because of new improvements made to the sharpening and noise reduction, as well as the Recovery and Fill Light algorithms.

Duration: 8:01

Movie 6: Content-aware spotting and filling

Also new to Photoshop CS5 are the content-aware spot healing brush and content-aware filling features. This movie shows how to work with these new tools when retouching your photographs.

Duration: 10:56

Movie 8: Refine Edge hair masking

The Refine Edge command has also been updated to now give you even finer control when modifying a layer mask. In fact, the controls are now so good that the Refine Edge command can do a really good job of masking hair from a complex background.

Duration: 14:30

Adobe Camera Raw 6.1 lens corrections

The release of the Adobe Camera Raw 6.1 update has come after the publication of the Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers book. This Camera Raw update is notable because it now offers you the ability to apply automatic lens corrections to raw photos as well as providing perspective control transform adjustments. Note that The 6.1 update is so far available as a beta release candidate only, which can be accessed from the Adobe Labs website.

Duration: 09:54

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