The new Photoshop CS4 interface
This offers a general overview of the new Photoshop and Bridge CS4 interface, in which I introduce the new panel layout and screen modes as well as how to customize the Bridge window interface.

Duration: 11:52

Capture sharpening in Camera Raw
This detailed movie introduces the basic principles of capture sharpening, which images need it, which don't and how to decide ho much pre-sharpening to apply to any particular image.

Duration: 16:45

Color Range masking
Color range has been updated in CS4 and in this movie I show how to use the improved Color Range masking to create an effective cut-out of a complex image and use the Refine Mask dialog to fine-tune the mask edges.

Duration: 7:40

Camera Raw perspective correction
Although perspective correction is not yet a feature in Camera Raw, this short movie shows how it is already possible to apply perspective and other types of lens corrections to an image in Camera Raw.

Duration: 4:55

More Ultimate Workshop movies to follow shortly...

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Click to preview edited chapter
extracts from the book